How do I add an artwork to my shop?

Adding your artwork on 1 For Art is very simple.

When logged in to your dashboard you will notice on the left hand panel a section called ‘products’.

Click this and then click ‘add new’

Products → Add New

1. Simple Product – Unless you are adding variations of your artwork leave as Simple Product variations are covered under Variations.

2. Title – Artwork Title Only (Do not add description, size, materials or substrate. The Artwork will be removed.)

3.Price – List price of artwork

4.Description – Please be as inspiring as possible. Give as much information as practicable. How did you make it, what inspired you to make it, what materials and techniques did you use to make it. Do you offer different sizes, different shipping options, different frames, different colours.

5.Main Image – Full Frontal Photograph. Click here and you will be taken to the media upload area.

6.Gallery Photos – You can add 5 more photographs here. See ‘Adding photographs of art to my product page’, for guidelines.

7.Categories – Please tick a category. If your artwork is a Print please tick print and the relevant box in the dropdown menu.

8.Catalog visibility – Shop and search results

Shop only, does not show in search

Search results only, does not show in shop

Hidden, does not show

9.Manage Stock? – Tick this box. This feature is also used for reports

10.Stock Qty – How many items of this artwork are in stock.

11.Allow Backorders? – Do not allow ( This feature is not used)

12.Sold Individually – tick this box if you are selling an original one off. Eg Painting


Click shipping tab

Shipping class – choose from drop down if you have set one up for the product. (You can set this up later.)

Processing Time – how long you need before you can ship.

Click Atributes tab

Tick each box to open in turn. Active – Leave ticked. Fill in attribute box. Visible on Product page – leave ticked.

Please do not click select all. (This is to be removed.)

Artwork Height/Artwork Width – please enter to the nearest cm (you can add exact size in description)

Colour – add main colours of artwork

Framing – Please select for artwork listed Not applicable only applies to sculptures.

Medium – the medium used to produce the artwork. If Sculpture, choose a medium but can untick Visible on product page.

Orientation – If sculpture add an orientation but can untick Visible on product page.

Ready to Hang – Only enter Not Applicable if Self Standing (As with sculpture)

Style – Please choose a style

Subject – please choose a subject

Surface – please choose a surface

Click Submit to add to shop or Draft to save for later.

If you see this you are missing an attribute. Check you have completed all.

View will open the product page